Awesome Project Idea of the Day!

Alcohol Ink Burning Project Ideas – 3/7/2020

Alcohol Ink Burning Project That Will Be Done During Our Adult Nature Wall Art Workshop – 3/1/2020

This workshop is designed for adult artists’ of ANY skill who love art and want to have fun expanding their artistic painting abilities! This is one of the two types of painting we will be doing during our upcoming workshop. It is done on tile with alcohol ink, rubbing alcohol and fire to create a unique piece of wall art! Come join us for a laid back and fun evening on Saturday, March 28, 2020 from 6:00 pm-9:00 pm at Parkside Hall Located in St. Barnabas Church in Bay Village Ohio. Cost is 50.00 per person and this includes all of the materials and supplies for both amazing projects as well as light appetizers.

Color Blending Painting That Will Be Done During Our Adult Nature Wall Art Workshop – 2/22/2020

This workshop is designed for adult artists’ of ANY skill who love art and want to have fun expanding their artistic painting abilities! We will learn new technical skills as we create two paintings inspired by nature. The first painting will use four canvases to create one overall composition that will allow you to develop your color blending skills.
The second is a different type of painting done on tile with alcohol ink to create a unique piece of wall art! Come join us for a laid back and fun evening on Saturday, March 28, 2020 from 6:00 pm-9:00 pm at Parkside Hall Located in St. Barnabas Church in Bay Village Ohio. Cost is 50.00 per person and this includes all of the materials and supplies for both amazing projects as well as light appetizers.

Radial Art! – 1/31/2020

This fun project is much easier to make then it looks! You have to start with a square peice of paper…any size you want. This one above was 8×8. You then want to cut a triangle that is half the size of one square if you divided the whole square in quarters. See the picture below


Next you draw your design on the triangle. Any design you want, from simple to complex will make a beautiful pattern. You can draw it in pencil first if you would like but it ultimately needs to traced in sharpie so that you can see it through the paper on the backside. Once you have the design in sharpie you want to trace over the sharpie with pencil using a thick line. See the image below to see my triangle that I used for this drawing.

Now you put your triangle, pencil side down on your square paper. Positioned as shown

So when you look at it it to should be seeing the backside of the triangle but since you traced it in sharpie you should be able to see the design on the backside as well. You are now going to hold the triangle in place, not allowing it to move. Trace thickly over all of the lines of the design with pencil. Since you already put pencil on the side that is facing down, the design will transfer onto your large square paper. When you are done you flip the triangle and trace it again on the opposite side. Continue doing this until you have gone all the way around the paper. See the images below if this is still a little confusing:

You end up with an awesome design! Then color it however you choose!

Fuzzy Love Bugs for Our Valentine’s Day Pre-School Workshop! – 1/19/2020

Our Preschool artists will use yarn, pipe cleaners, foam, googly eyes and much more to create these fuzzy Love Bugs at our I ♥ Art Workshop of February 14th!

Abstract Heart Wax Melt Composition for our Valentine’s Day Pre-School Workshop! – 1/18/2020

Our preschool students will use crayon pieces to melt over the background of their canvas which will have heart shapes blocked out to allow the white of the canvas to show through. They will then add glitter glue, gemstones or whatever their ♥ desires to add their own personal touches to their artwork!

All 3 Inspiration pieces for Our Color Exploration Workshop! 1/16/2020

At our Color Exploration Workshop our k-6 students will be creating three projects inspired by the images above. Join us for all of the fun!

Inspiration Accordion Art for Our Color Exploration Workshop! – 1/10/2020

Students will Study Color Schemes as they create fun Accordion Animals of their Choice!

Inspiration Art for Our Next Elementary Age Workshop! 1-8-2020

These pastel drawings will serve as inspiration as student learn how to use oil pastels to blend colors at our upcoming workshop.

Abstract Winter Landscape Collage!


This abstract winter landscape is the 3rd inspiration piece that students will be working from at our Winter Wonderland Workshop on Jan. 3rd. Students will use cut fabrics to create a landscape while learning the concepts of foreground, middle ground and background. We will also explore perspective as we size the items that we are placing in the composition. To learn how make this piece of art join us for our next workshop!

Winter Themed Wind-chime! 12/27/19

Today’s Awesome Project of the Day is an example of a fun 3D piece that will inspire students at our Winter Wonderland Workshop on January 3! Please sign your child up if they would love to learn how to create a handmade wind-chime that can brighten up your home!

Snowman in Motion! – 12/26/19

Today’s Awesome Project of the Day is an example of the fun movement and color study canvas painting that will inspire students at our Winter Wonderland Workshop on January 3! Please sign your child up if your child would love to learn how to make a painting that explores the art principle of movement and the element of color with amazing results.

Crayon Resist Watercolors -12/22/19

Today’s Awesome Project of the Day is shown in two different ways for two different age groups. The top composition is done by a 6th grader and the composition below was done by a kindergartner. Either one can be done in different levels of complexity by any age though. Both of them use the idea of crayon resist with watercolor painted over the crayon which shows through the paint due to the wax in the crayon.


  • White Drawing paper, thicker paper is better to avoid tearing when wet
  • White crayons
  • Watercolor Paints – prang or crayola work best
  • For the Forest Composition
    • Oil Pastels
  • For the Christmas Tree Composition
    • Green Tempera Paint
    • Glitter and Glue
    • Rhinestones
    • Pencil
    • Black Sharpie

Step 1 – Drawing

Start this drawing by using the white crayon to draw. It’s going to be a little difficult to see but if you tilt your head a bit you can catch a glimpse of where you have drawn in the right light.

For the Christmas Tree – All you do for this one is draw a hill for the ground line, or it can be straight if you prefer 🙂 with the white crayon. Next use the pencil to draw the outline shape of the tree and the trunk. Little ones can do the triangle easily, while older kids and adults can work on making the tree more detailed or realistic. Next draw the snowflakes in the background of the sky. Be sure not to draw over top of the tree and trunk because the crayon will show through.

For the Landscape Forest Drawing – On this composition you need to only use the white crayon for drawing the background. If you use pencil first you wont get the same effect as the pencil will show up. Start by drawing the horizon line all the way across the paper for the ground. It should vary a little bit in straightness as the ground tends to have small ups and downs. The student in my example did a snow covered ground, so they filled in the ground with lines to represent small little mounds of snow. The next step is to draw bare trees ( basically trunks with limbs… no leaves (it’s winter 🙂 ) with the white crayon in the background. A good rule to remember when doing this is that objects that are closer to the foreground are bigger then those in the background. So vary the size to make you composition more realistic.

Step 2 – Painting

Now you get to paint with the watercolors 🙂 For the Christmas tree I had the kids use darker purple to make it look more like an abstract night time sky. For the forest we used a really light gray water color paint the ground to make it look like snow that was slightly dirty on the forest floor. I had some kids that used a really pale sparkly blue. Whichever color you like works, just be sure its light. For the sky of the forest we used a few cool colors ( blue and purple mostly, a couple of kids added pink, which worked as well.

Step 3 – Finishing the items in the foreground

For the Christmas Tree – Now use the green tempera paint to fill in the Christmas tree and brown to paint the trunk. (my examples are not painted because the kids felt strongly that the trunks would be covered in snow….and who am I to argue 🙂 ) Let the tempera paint dry.

For the Forest Landscape – Use the oil pastels to draw in pine trees. Some students chose to use realistic colors and some went for abstract blue, purple, and pink trees. Either way it works. Start by using a darker color to draw the trunk and then layer lines for the pine needles in a different color over top. Keep layering until the tree looks full. Oil pastels, unlike crayons are made with oil in them so if you want to use your finger to blend the colors of the pine needles together, you can. Just be sure to blend in the same direction as the drawing strokes for the best results. Vary the sizes and placement again to make the forest look more realistic. That’s all you do to finish off this one!

Step 4 –

To Finish off the Christmas Tree outline your tree and ground line with sharpie and just add glitter as garland and rhinestones ( or whatever items you have laying around…buttons, sequins, etc..) as ornaments to add dimension and texture to your composition. You can also use the oil pastels to draw these elements as they draw really nicely over paint. Either way finishing decorating this tree and your composition is done!

Snowman Ornaments – 12/21/19


  • Wooden Shapes (Circle,Heart & Rectangle)
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • White Glitter
  • Black Sharpie
  • Misc Fabric
  • Rhinestone
  • Cording
  • Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun

Today’s project is really a continuation of yesterday’s ornament project. I only had enough wooden stars and hearts yesterday to make 10 ornaments but I needed 17. So I sorted through my shapes again and came up with these!

Step 1

I painted the wooden circles that would become the snowman’s body with glue using a paintbrush to make the glue layer even. I then covered them in glitter on both sides and let them dry for about an hour. Once dry I attached the head to the body with hot glue. I used the wooden hearts (there were a ton of those in my grab bag of shapes!) again and colored them with the sharpies to save on drying time. I attached the wooden heart to the snowman body with hot glue. (This project is heavy on the hot glue! 🙂

Step 2

Next step is to use any fabric that you have sitting around to make the scarves and hats. If you don’t have any laying around and are going out to buy some, you will only need a small amount so check out the fabric remnants section of your art and craft store or even at Wal-Mart. Quilt squares are also fairly cheap and would be plenty of fabric for this project. I cut a 4″ x 1/2″rectangle out of the fabric. I then put a line of hot glue along the edge of the wrong side of the fabric and folded it in half to create a the scarf shape. I hot glued it around the neck and cut little fringe cuts into the ends to resemble a real scarf. I then cut out two pieces of fabric in the shape of half of a circle and glued one to the front of the snowman’s head and one to the back and then glued the fabric together inside. I used a really thin strip of fabric wrapped around the base of the hat to create the hat fold. This was also glued down with hot glue. I added a rhinestone on top for the ball, again with hot glue.

Step 3

I drew the eyes and mouth on with a sharpie and cut a little carrot shape out of orange fabric that I had. You could use felt or even just construction paper if that’s what you have around your house. That gets glued on with hot glue too. To finish it off I wrote the student’s names on the snowman’s heart with a fine tip sharpie and attached the rectangular sign piece to the snowman with cording. The writing and border on the sign piece were done with sharpies as well. Last thing you need to do is add the cording that will allow this cute frosty friend to hang out on your Christmas tree!

Christmas Tree Ornaments – 12/20/19

Christmas Tree Ornaments – 12/20/19

Today’s project is one that I just sort of threw together….but sometimes those turn out really cute! I needed little gifts to give to students in a Sunday School Class but also needed to keep it inexpensive as well. I figured I would use the left over wooden shapes I have from yesterday’s project to save a little money. My next step was to gather lots of other materials and see what I had to work with…..

What to Make? What to Make?……

After playing around with the materials and wooden shapes I finally settled on Christmas Tree Ornaments. Here is how I made them….


  • Popsicle sticks
  • wooden shapes ( I used a star, a heart, and two different sized rectangles)
  • Sharpies ( Black and Colored)
  • Paint
  • Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks
  • Cording, String, or Thread

Step One

The first thing I did was either color or paint all of the wooden shapes. You do not need to use both sharpies and paint but I had a brand new green sharpie so I figured that would save me some drying time. So I colored my Popsicle sticks with a green sharpie on all sides and then used multi-colored sharpies to color each heart. Next I painted the smaller rectangles brown on all sides to be used for the trunk and the star was painted yellow. For the larger wooden rectangle I just created a small border with a sharpie and then did my wording with a black fine tip sharpie pen.

Step Two

Next I assembled the wooden pieces with hot glue. You could use tacky glue or even a good quality school glue but then you are waiting for it to dry. I needed these for tomorrow so I went with hot glue. I formed three Popsicle sticks into a Christmas tree and attached the star and trunk. The heart was a little more complicated as I had to glue the sides of the heart to the side of the Popsicle stick. Both are very thin but I held it in place until the hot glue hardened and it worked!

Step Three

Finally I used the cording to attach the larger rectangle to the back of the star with hot glue. I then used the cording, attached with hot glue, to make a hanger so that it can be displayed on your tree!

Sparkle Snowflake Ornaments – 12/19/19

Quick but Cute Teacher Gifts!

Sparkle Snowflake Ornaments – 12/19/19

Today’s awesome project is a quick one. I needed a bunch of Christmas gifts for my two younger boys’ teachers and I needed something fast and inexpensive. So the sparkly red snowflakes were bought at Walmart for $2.99 for pack of 20. Then I grabbed a bag of miscellaneous woodcut pieces that were $4.99 for over a hundred pieces. (Tons left over for other projects!). I painted the wooden shapes with metallic green paint that I had and then used a fine tip sharpie marker to write on the wooden shapes. I glued the wooden shapes down and added glitter paint ( Gold for $1.99.) For $10.00 I now have 14 little teacher gifts to show our appreciation for the kids’ amazing teachers!

!2/18/19 – Colorful Collage Snowflakes!

Colorful Collage Snowflakes – 12/18/19

Colorful Collage Snowflakes – 12/18/19

This is a project that you can do with your kids or on your own to add pops of color to your home that can hang during Christmas and throughout the winter season! 


Square White Paper – at least 8in x 8in

Colored tissue paper cut into small squares

Elmer’s Glue

Paint brush


  1.  Start with a square white piece of paper just like you would for any snowflake.  I would use one that is at least 8 in x 8 in because if you use anything smaller when you go to fold the paper it will be too thick to easily cut through when making the snowflake.
  2.  Pour a puddle of glue out onto a paper plate or a spare sheet of paper.  Use the paint brush to paint the glue onto the square paper.  Put a few pieces of tissue paper down onto the paper making sure that the tissue paper overlaps so that no white is showing through the tissue paper.  You then want to cover the tissue paper with another painted layer of glue on top.  Continue doing this until the whole square is covered.
  3.  Let this dry for a few hours or at least until the glue is no longer tacky so that they paper may be flipped over without sticking to the table.  Repeat the process of covering the square with tissue paper until the second side of the paper is completely covered as well. 
  4. Let the paper dry.  This could take anywhere from a few hours to overnight.  When the paper is totally dry you are ready to cut it into a snowflake!


  • Think about the colors of tissue paper you are overlapping.  The tissue paper is thin so some colors may show through others.  This is no big deal if the tissue paper is say red and yellow, it will just look orange.  However, the if the colors are complimentary color sets (red/green, purple/yellow or orange/blue) they make different shades of brown when they overlap.  This could wind up looking really cool if that’s the look you are going for but it’s just something to keep in mind.
  • My students added glitter after the snowflakes were cut out for a little sparkle!  They can never get enough glitter….and really neither can I J
  • Since they are two sided hang them from strings so you can enjoy both sides or hang them on a window.

If you like this project, why don’t you join one of our workshops?