Colorful Collage Snowflakes – 12/18/19

Colorful Collage Snowflakes – 12/18/19

This is a project that you can do with your kids or on your own to add pops of color to your home that can hang during Christmas and throughout the winter season! 


Square White Paper – at least 8in x 8in

Colored tissue paper cut into small squares

Elmer’s Glue

Paint brush


  1.  Start with a square white piece of paper just like you would for any snowflake.  I would use one that is at least 8 in x 8 in because if you use anything smaller when you go to fold the paper it will be too thick to easily cut through when making the snowflake.
  2.  Pour a puddle of glue out onto a paper plate or a spare sheet of paper.  Use the paint brush to paint the glue onto the square paper.  Put a few pieces of tissue paper down onto the paper making sure that the tissue paper overlaps so that no white is showing through the tissue paper.  You then want to cover the tissue paper with another painted layer of glue on top.  Continue doing this until the whole square is covered.
  3.  Let this dry for a few hours or at least until the glue is no longer tacky so that they paper may be flipped over without sticking to the table.  Repeat the process of covering the square with tissue paper until the second side of the paper is completely covered as well. 
  4. Let the paper dry.  This could take anywhere from a few hours to overnight.  When the paper is totally dry you are ready to cut it into a snowflake!


  • Think about the colors of tissue paper you are overlapping.  The tissue paper is thin so some colors may show through others.  This is no big deal if the tissue paper is say red and yellow, it will just look orange.  However, the if the colors are complimentary color sets (red/green, purple/yellow or orange/blue) they make different shades of brown when they overlap.  This could wind up looking really cool if that’s the look you are going for but it’s just something to keep in mind.
  • My students added glitter after the snowflakes were cut out for a little sparkle!  They can never get enough glitter….and really neither can I J
  • Since they are two sided hang them from strings so you can enjoy both sides or hang them on a window.

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