Virtual Field Trip to The Cincinnati Zoo and Flamingo Art Project – 4/1/2020

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Create Your Own Multi Media Flamingo!

Materials Needed:

Materials listed are just suggestions…feel free to use whatever you have on hand at home!

  • Two Paper Plates Per Flamingo being made
  • Pencils
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Foam or Construction Paper
  • Tape
  • Embellishing Elements – We used sequins, rhinestones, feathers and googly eyes…but you can use none of this or more!
  • Draw a shape on the paper plate for the flamingo’s body. See the picture below to get the general shape ideas. I drew it with pencil. You then cut the body shape out. I actually drew mine first and cut it out and then gave it to the younger kids to use as a template, but my older one drew his own.
  • Use the smaller piece that is not the body and draw a wing shape and cut it out.
  • Use the second paper plate and draw (in pencil) a shape for the flamingo’s neck and head that uses the curve of the paper plate. You cut this piece out and use the left over piece to draw a beak shape and cut that out as well. The pictures below are examples of the shapes I drew and cut out.
  • Use your markers (or crayons, paint, colored pencils…whatever you like) to color all of the pieces of the plate. I did my body, head and wings in shades of pink and then my beak in orange and black. My son did his in all sorts of fun colors. Either way is awesome……
  • Next we assembled all of the pieces with tacky glue…but you could use Elmer’s or a hot glue gun…whatever works

Finally we added all of embellishments, googly eyes, rhinestones, feathers….we used pipe cleaners for legs and foam for the feet but you could use construction paper… I used a piece of tape on top of anything that was glued to the pipe cleaners to hold it until it dries because my kids can’t not touch it until it dries….😊 This is the part where you have fun and get creative!

  • Your Fancy Flamingos are Finished! Enjoy!