Radial Art! – 1/31/2020

This fun project is much easier to make then it looks! You have to start with a square peice of paper…any size you want. This one above was 8×8. You then want to cut a triangle that is half the size of one square if you divided the whole square in quarters. See the picture below


Next you draw your design on the triangle. Any design you want, from simple to complex will make a beautiful pattern. You can draw it in pencil first if you would like but it ultimately needs to traced in sharpie so that you can see it through the paper on the backside. Once you have the design in sharpie you want to trace over the sharpie with pencil using a thick line. See the image below to see my triangle that I used for this drawing.

Now you put your triangle, pencil side down on your square paper. Positioned as shown

So when you look at it it to should be seeing the backside of the triangle but since you traced it in sharpie you should be able to see the design on the backside as well. You are now going to hold the triangle in place, not allowing it to move. Trace thickly over all of the lines of the design with pencil. Since you already put pencil on the side that is facing down, the design will transfer onto your large square paper. When you are done you flip the triangle and trace it again on the opposite side. Continue doing this until you have gone all the way around the paper. See the images below if this is still a little confusing:

You end up with an awesome design! Then color it however you choose!