Future Workshops Examples

Click here to view photos from previous workshops and artwork made by our students!

Nature Wall Art Workshop

This workshop is designed for adult artists’ of ANY skill level who love art and want to increase their abilities! We will learn new technical skills as we create two paintings inspired by nature. The first painting will use four canvases to create one overall composition that will allow you to develop your color blending skills.
The second is a different type of painting done on tile with alcohol ink to create a unique piece of wall art!

A Workshop to Tie-Dye For!

This workshop is designed for elementary-aged students in kindergarten through 8th grade who love art and want to have fun expanding their artistic abilities. They will learn new technical skills as they create three tie-dye themed pieces of art. We will be making tie-dyed t-shirts, alcohol ink tie-dye style tile coasters, and watercolor tie-dye resist paintings!

Social Distancing Plan –

In response to the COVID-19 situation, Flourishing Flamingo Arts has established a social distancing plan to help keep our students safe. Our space allows for each student to be at their own table/working space and all tables will be 6 feet apart from one another. Each student’s space will be wiped down with disinfected before they arrive and they will be the only person at their space during the workshop. Supplies will also be for just the student’s use during the workshop as well. The instructors will be wearing masks and students will be provided masks and will be encouraged to wear them.