Our Story

Flourishing Flamingo Arts was created by Katherine Check, a professional artist and licensed art educator in the State of Ohio. She obtained her credentials at Cleveland State University and has over 15 years of educational experience in the Northeast Ohio area. After moving into the field of educational administration, her love for art drew her back and the idea of starting a company that offered a different art experience for students in Northeast Ohio and Flourishing Flamingo Arts was born! Our mission is to foster a non-judgmental environment that allows ALL people to feel successful and accomplished in the field of art.

Our Thoughts on Art…

  • Every person is artistically gifted and can create a well-crafted, beautiful piece of art. No matter what your skill level is now, through art education you can make artwork that you are proud to show off!
  • Art is a powerful tool of expression for all of us. It gives the artist the ability to not only create visually interesting and enjoyable pieces to be shared, but it also allows for the thoughts and emotions of the artist to be communicated to the world in a tangible way. It offers an opportunity for the viewer to explore new thoughts and it creates a connection between two people in a way that no other form of communication can.