Flourishing Flamingo Arts is a creative company that brings artistic experiences to ALL, through workshops, art entertainment events and the sale of original and commissioned pieces.

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Owner and Instructor Featured in the Beck Center exhibition “Spontaneity Alive”. Read more HERE and HERE




Workshops – Flourishing Flamingo Arts is a company that allows children and adults of every skill level the opportunity to explore and develop their artistic abilities in a creative and fun environment, taught by an experienced licensed teacher. Our workshops are perfect for both those just starting their artistic journeys and those who are looking to allow their current talents to grow and flourish.

Entertainment Events – Offering onsite party entertainment, FFA can turn your next event into fun, creative and memorable experience for all of your guests!

Art Marketplace – Shop our marketplace to find a one of a one of a kind art piece for your home, to give as a gift or to start the process of commissioning your own artistic vision.